Spread across downtown Gelsenkirchen-Buer were art projects, which used light as an artistic material or medium. We participated along the renowned artists Gudrun Barenbrock, Hartung, Trenz, Margareta Hesse, molitor & kuzmin, Kurt Laurenz Theinert, Ingo Wendt among others. Bettina Pelz is the artistic director. The internationally active curator specializes in light in the visual arts and has been developing art projects in public spaces for 20 years.

The Light Art Projects GOLDSTÜCKE are an event of the Department of Culture of the City of Gelsenkirchen and the Kunstmuseum Gelsenkirchen with the kind support of the Fonds Neue Künste Ruhr and the Foundation of the Sparkasse Gelsenkirchen.​​​​​​​
We have been studying the process of photosynthesis as one of the essential processes for life on Earth. In photosynthesis, organic substances are formed from water and carbon dioxide (CO2) by plants, algae and bacteria using solar energy. In this way, plants form their biomass, which serves as food for other living creatures, and oxygen is produced, which is the basis of life for humans and animals.
We were inspired by the structures that lie beyond the reach of our naked eye. A world that is constantly moving and changing, but whose beauty we can only perceive through a special microscope. We approached the concept of photosynthesis by analysing and artistically adapting epidermis structures of a wide variety of plants. We were drawn to discover new colours, shapes and textures and was curious about the movements and light transitions of a world that can only be experienced from this angle. I created images to arouse the curiosity of visitors and to create a deeper awareness in them of the existence and significance of this microcosm, which seems so inconspicuous.
Due to common artistic interests, we agreed on a collaboration. During the testing phase of "Restless Tiles" the idea came up to extend the installation with a special soundscape. I approached him and together we managed to compose a piece that integrates with my visual composition in terms of both sound and content. For the sound production, he made recordings of birds and field recordings of natural environments, among other things, to create a certain bridge between the two worlds of media art and nature.

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